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Is Your IT Guy a Trusted Advisor?

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it-consultantMany times we are hired by a client after they have dealt with a computer support technician or IT company that has been difficult to work with. The previous IT consultant would talk in "geek speak" and would become visibly irritated at the client's inability to understand the technical terminology.

 At Enfuse Technology Solutions, we believe your IT consultant should be a trusted advisor you can come to when you have problems or questions with your technology.

5 Characteristics to Look for in a Trusted IT Advisor

1) Reliable, Trustworthy and Professional

When considering a new IT support company or a new technician, the best way to get a feeling for them is to talk with another company who is serviced by that technician. Ask a few questions.

  •     How often do you talk with or communicate with your tech?
  •     What is the typical response time once you make an initial call/email?
  •     Do you call/email the tech directly or do you go through a level 1 support person first?
  •     When the tech arrives on-site does he follow a routine (checks in with onsite admin, asks questions about the issue, notifies users of potential downtime while issues are addressed)?

A “professional IT consultant” will be well dressed and well groomed. They understand that while in a client's business they will be a representative of themself, the IT support company they work for, and the customer.

2) Broad Range of Technical Skills

An IT consultant’s certifications and education might be a place to start when determining their level of competence, but this is only a small part of having excellent technical skills. It is very important to determine how much in-the-field experience the technician has.

It is also important for them to have experience working with hardware that is critical to your business. If you work primarily with Microsoft applications running on PCs, you don’t want a tech that primarily works with Macs.

It is also very important that your tech be highly skilled in more than one specific area. Any technician who is working with small and mid-sized businesses will need a solid knowledge of the entire networking environment. They will need to have experience with servers, desktops, backups, security, firewalls, switches, remote offices, cell phones and tablets.

3) They Must be Accessible and Available

Your computer tech may be the greatest tech on the planet, but if you can’t get a hold of them or if they are always with other clients  – there will be issues. When emergencies arise, can your IT consultant be counted on to make your company a priority?

4) Do They Communicate Effectively?

Typically, computer technicians are not the greatest communicators. You should be able to get a very good feeling if the tech you are talking with is a good communicator as you interview them. Don’t be afraid to ask them to explain a few very technical things to you. Maybe ask them what the advantages of a real firewall is compared to a basic router, or what brand of anti-virus they prefer and why? While they provide their explanation, see if they use acronyms like “DHCP” or “TCP/IP” (tech guys are really bad with this), and see if they can get you to a point where you actually understand what they are explaining.

5) Do They Find You New Technologies?

This is another very important skill that many technicians lack. You are looking for a trusted advisor who will be able to advise you and steer your business to new and exciting technologies that will help your business grow and be more competitive in your business environment.

In order to act as this advisor, your IT consultant needs to know what technologies are on the horizon and how companies and industries are taking advantage of them. Some of these technologies may have perfect applications for your business. For you to take your time to research and evaluate this ever changing technological world is a waste of your time and is a perfect way for your tech to further assist in the maintenance and development of your business network.

At Enfuse Technology Solutions, we think your time is better spent managing your business rather than worrying about your IT systems. Our staff will work hard to be a trusted technology advisor and work with you to make your business grow.

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