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5 Great Internet Easter Eggs

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Since the first Atari games, coders and developers have been hiding secrets that can be unlocked by entering certain keyboard commands or finding hidden areas in games and computer programs. Here’s a few of the most popular that can be currently found on the internet.



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7 Steps to Speed Up Your PC

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Speed Up Your PC



A common complaint for some of our clients is that their computer has gotten slower as time has passed. While this can be caused by several issues, here are some steps that may help :


1) Boot into Safe Mode with Networking  Safe Mode


2) Clean up your Desktop


3) Check your StartUp Folder


4) Download

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Why am I getting so much SPAM?

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Lately, there seems to have been an uptick in SPAM being received by ourselves and some of our clients. It is a common complaint for users of both residential and business No-Spamcomputer systems. Unfortunately, even with many new regulations put in place, SPAM is on the rise.

Spam is like the junk mail you get through regular mail. Marketers are trying to sell you products and services. Email is less expensive to send, so they send a lot of it. Marketers create spam mailing lists in a variety of ways, including:
•    Scanning online discussion groups for email addresses
•    Buying or stealing Internet mailing lists
•    Searching the web for email addresses
•    Randomly guessing email addresses

Tips for avoiding SPAM


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Duke v. Carolina Ticket Giveaway

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For February we will be giving away 2 tickets for the Carolina / Duke game at the Dean Dome on March 9th to one lucky person. To enter, go to our Facebook page, click on the Ticket Giveaway tab, Like our page and then fill out the form to be added to our email list. You must be one of our Facebook friends and on our email list to win the tickets. Only one entry per person. Duplicate entries will be removed from contest.

We will choose and announce the winner on March 4. The winner will be notified via Facebook and email.

For February, we will also be offering a FREE TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT for  business owners or managers. This in-depth IT audit will show you areas for improvement and ways Enfuse Technology may be able to save you money on your IT budget. Business owners or managers that sign up for an assessment will also be entered into the contest for the UNC \ Duke tickets in addition to any other entries they may have on Facebook.

Give us a call to sign up for your FREE TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT today!



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Is Your IT Guy a Trusted Advisor?

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it-consultantMany times we are hired by a client after they have dealt with a computer support technician or IT company that has been difficult to work with. The previous IT consultant would talk in "geek speak" and would become visibly irritated at the client's inability to understand the technical terminology.

 At Enfuse Technology Solutions, we believe your IT consultant should be a trusted advisor you can come to when you have problems or questions with your technology.

5 Characteristics to Look for in a Trusted IT Advisor

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