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5 Ways to Get Your Computer Ready for the New Year

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The New Year is a great time to start using your computer in a safer and more efficient way. Get 2013 off to a great start with these quick tips.

1) Clean Out the Dust

Dust collects on components inside the computer.  Desktops and laptops need to be cleaned out periodically to keep them from running too hot.  When computers get too hot, they start doing things like shutting down randomly, failing, and not starting.


If you have a desktop computer (or tower) and feel comfortable taking the side off, take the computer outside and blow it out with some canned air.  Also, if you get your desktop 6-10 inches off the floor it will significantly decrease the amount of dust pulled into the computer.

If you have a laptop, the best thing to do is locate the vent slots in the side or rear and blow canned air through those slots.  You should hear the little fan in the laptop spin up really fast if the air is going all the way through.  If you can’t hear or see the fan spin then you probably need to give Enfuse Technology a call so it can be disassembled and cleaned out.

2) Change Your Passwords

When creating a username for online bank accounts, other online services, your PC and wireless router don’t use the most obvious choices. That means, don’t use your name, any version of your name, your dog’s name, or any version of a family member’s name – all that information is likely readily available on the Web. Also, don’t use any username that you’ve employed for other accounts. Instead, use something that you’ve never used anywhere else online.

A good password should be complex utilizing lower-case and capital letters, symbols and numbers. At Enfuse, we suggest creating a favorite phrase, then substitute numbers and symbols for letters.

For example:

IloveBuster can become: 1L0v3Bu$t3R

Turning on two-step authentication, whenever possible, is a must for protecting your accounts. Gmail has this as well as many online banking sites.
Also make sure you change your password on your wireless router, PC’s and any remote connections.

3) Update Antivirus, Windows and all programs

At Enfuse Technology Solutions, we do a lot of virus removal in Wilmington NC.   A fair number of these were due to expired antivirus subscriptions or no antivirus protection at all.  Keep it current to keep it protected.

The same thing goes for Windows and other third party application updates.  Microsoft and other software companies put these out for a reason. They discovered a problem, or exploit, and an update is put out.  Install these sooner rather than later.  Many problems are fixed by simply having Windows be up to date.  Some of these updates even fix holes in the system that viruses use to get in.  Don’t ignore them.

4) Check your backups and create new ones

Backups are a critical thing. Hard drives fail, sometimes without warning.  Make sure you have backups of your critical files at the least.  Even better would be to have a full system image backup, which makes restoring to a new hard drive much easier and takes a few hours, instead of days reinstalling software.

Also, make sure you TEST your backups.  Check them out; make sure they actually contain the data they should.  Backups are not fire-and-forget; they need to be checked.  For most people their business is on the computer, and a failure is a big deal.  Make sure those backups are happening. Even if you have a good backup, create a new system image so you are staying as up to date as possible.

5) Organize Your Files

First, if you’re like most people, you may have a whole bunch of files and programs on your computer that you no longer need or want. Take the time to delete these files. You’ll have more space and a speedier PC as a result.

In addition to cleaning out files on a computer, cleaning out unnecessary emails should also be near the top of your New Year’s to-do list. If you’re using Gmail, you can easily create filters and organize emails into folders. For example, you can create a filter for anything shopping related and have those emails automatically added to your Shopping folder when they arrive. The same goes for work emails, personal emails, emails from your running group, etc.

These are just a few of the recommendations for getting your computer systems ready for the New Year.  For January and February , we will be running a New Year ‘s computer Resolutions special. 

Enfuse Technology will do a computer cleanout, pc tune up, and backup check and creation for $175.

Let us know if we can help you with your business and residential computer needs.

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