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7 Steps to Speed Up Your PC

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Speed Up Your PC



A common complaint for some of our clients is that their computer has gotten slower as time has passed. While this can be caused by several issues, here are some steps that may help :


1) Boot into Safe Mode with Networking  Safe Mode


2) Clean up your Desktop


3) Check your StartUp Folder


4) Download

  1. Install and uncheck any “free” software addons
  2. Under Cleaner:

          1)Click Analyze

          2) Run Cleaner

     c. Under Tools:

         1. Uninstall any unneeded programs

         2. Disable any entries not needed on Startup

5) Download MalwareBytes

    a. Install and uncheck any “free” software addons

    b. Install basic version

    c. Run Quick scan

    d. If it returns any threats delete them and restart computer

    e. Run full scan ( may take 3-4 hours)

    f.  Restart computer

    g. Run CCleaner Cleaner tool again

6) Uninstall Resource Hog Antivirus Programs

   a. McAfee

   b. Norton

   c. Older versions of AVG

   d. Webroot

7) Download AVAST! Free version

    a. No thanks I want free version

    b. Download Now from CNET

    c. Install minimum version

    d. Uncheck any free software addons

    e. Register for 1 year by entering email address

Other good products:

   a. Microsoft Security Essentials

   b. Hitman Pro Cloud based virus checker

   c. Defraggler

 This is not a complete list and we do not guarantee following these steps will correct your issues.  If you are uncomfortable with any steps listed above, please contact  the staff at Enfuse Technology Solutions or another  qualifed IT support company. Let us know if you have any questions or if our computer technicians can help you with any of your computer issues.


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If you want to boost up the speed of your PC, then you need to follow some tips that are described below:-

1) Remove spyware
2) Free up disk space
3) Disk defragmentation
4) Use ready boost
5) Repair disk errors
6) Increase RAM.

These tips can help your computer be more efficient and gives you an optimized computer experience without severe lag times.
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