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7 Steps to Speed Up Your PC

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Speed Up Your PC



A common complaint for some of our clients is that their computer has gotten slower as time has passed. While this can be caused by several issues, here are some steps that may help :


1) Boot into Safe Mode with Networking  Safe Mode


2) Clean up your Desktop


3) Check your StartUp Folder


4) Download

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Is Your IT Guy a Trusted Advisor?

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it-consultantMany times we are hired by a client after they have dealt with a computer support technician or IT company that has been difficult to work with. The previous IT consultant would talk in "geek speak" and would become visibly irritated at the client's inability to understand the technical terminology.

 At Enfuse Technology Solutions, we believe your IT consultant should be a trusted advisor you can come to when you have problems or questions with your technology.

5 Characteristics to Look for in a Trusted IT Advisor

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November $99 PC Tune Up & Pie Giveaway

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Happy November! As we are closing in on the holidays, Enfuse Technology is offering a $99 PC tune up special. This will help get your computer ready for all of your holiday pictures and online shopping. Our tune up special includes:

1) Creation of system restore point

COmputer Repair Wilmington NC

2) All Windows Service Packs and Updates are applied

3) Third Party Programs are updated

4) Stop unwanted “ Startup Programs”

5) Test for bad sectors and file integrity

6) Delete all temporary files

7) Windows Registry cleanup

8) Defragment and optimize hard drive

9) Run a virus/ malware scan

10) Interior cleaning and blowout of PC (desktop only)

Also for November, we are giving away a delicious pumpkin pie and a beautiful chocolate bourbon pecan pie from one of our favorite bakeries, Sugar on Front Street. If you haven’t been to Sugar, located at 249 N. Front Street inside Old Books on Front, you are missing out. From their exceptional coffee, to the delicious cookies, pies and cakes, there is always something tasty and hot, ready to be devoured.

To be entered into the giveaway, go to our Facebook page and click on the Sweet November tab. Like our page and fill out the form to be entered. On Friday, November 16th, we will select a winner . The pies must be picked up on Tuesday November 20th.

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What is the Cloud?

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A common question that I am asked is “What is the cloud?” and the follow up, “Should I be using it in my business?” Basically, the “cloud” is an all-encompassing term describing software that is hosted at a central location and accessed over a network. Applications that are accessed via the internet through a web browser are the most common.

The answer to the second question is “You probably already are”.  If you use Google or Yahoo! for email then you are utilizing the “cloud”. Many people use Salesforce or Quickbooks online everyday not realizing that these are “cloud” applications.

The “cloud” is not a new idea. What is new is the amount of marketing dollars being spent to promote software-as-a-service (SAAS). A few years ago, I worked for a software company whose premier product was internet based accounting software. Not once did the development or support teams use the word “cloud”.

Should your business be using the Cloud?

Maybe. For many small businesses, it may be more cost effective to incorporate a  pay-per-user model for email, collaboration tools, and productivity software. Google Apps for business and Microsoft’s Office 360 offer very affordable options.  It is possible for some companies to get an increased ROI because their IT budget is not spent up front on large hardware and software purchases.

The key to successfully moving your small business to the “cloud” is to understand your company’s internal IT structure. For "cloud" computing to be effective, fast and reliable internet access must be available. For a small business, the user's PC must also be powerful enough to run multiple, browser-based applications.  Most newer computers have plenty of speed and memory to accomplish these tasks.

Another key issue is security.  Make sure that any cloud service your business uses has firm guards and recovery procedures in place to protect against data loss due to equipment malfunction or an outside attack.

If you have questions about the “cloud” or how Enfuse Technology can help you make your technology dollars go farther, give us a call or email.  or 910.319.7905

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Stress Free October- Ki Spa Massage Giveaway

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Let us help you relax by offering $25 off our $100 data backup & transfer service. For $75, our technicians can copy those important documents and family photos that are stored on your old hard drive to your external hard drive or other storage device. We will also include a system image for fast recovery.

25 off

You can also enter to win a 1 hour Signature massage from the Ki Spa located in The Forum shopping center. This therapeutic full body massage is the key to a healthy mind, body and spirit. Ki's therapists adapt their specialized massage techniques to your specific needs. Benefits include increased circulation, relief of muscle tension, relaxation, and improved muscle and skin tone. This healing ritual includes a special blend of aromatherapy and warm towels.

 For a chance to win, go to our Facebook page and the Stress Free October Tab. Input your information and Relax! We will select our winner on October 31st or when we get a 100 new Likes. For every 100 new Likes we will give away another massage. Must be 18 to enter.

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