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Why am I getting so much SPAM?

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Lately, there seems to have been an uptick in SPAM being received by ourselves and some of our clients. It is a common complaint for users of both residential and business No-Spamcomputer systems. Unfortunately, even with many new regulations put in place, SPAM is on the rise.

Spam is like the junk mail you get through regular mail. Marketers are trying to sell you products and services. Email is less expensive to send, so they send a lot of it. Marketers create spam mailing lists in a variety of ways, including:
•    Scanning online discussion groups for email addresses
•    Buying or stealing Internet mailing lists
•    Searching the web for email addresses
•    Randomly guessing email addresses

Tips for avoiding SPAM


 1)  Alter your email address in public forums.  If you are posting your email address in a public place, you may want to alter the address slightly. One way to do this is to   add an "x element" to your user ID when you post a message. For instance, instead of, your email address could say or
2)  Don't give out your email address without knowing how it will be used. Read the terms of use and privacy statements of any site before providing your email address. If you can't find the site's privacy statement, don't leave your email address.
3)  Do not reply to a SPAM email, even if the spammer offers to unsubscribe you. A reply simply tells the spammer your email address is active and you'll get more junk   email.
4)  Never click on a URL or website address listed within a spam email. This alerts the spammer to the validity of your email address, potentially resulting in more spam.
5)  Never sign up with sites that promise to remove your name from spam lists. Although some of these sites may be legitimate, more often than not, they are address collectors.
6)  Unsolicited offers to give you money or valuables are always SPAM. If it sounds too good to be true ….

If you are following all of these rules and you continue to get an increase in the amount of SPAM, give us a call and we can implement software and a plan to try to limit the SPAM in your inbox.

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