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How did I get a Computer Virus?

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By far, the most common question that I am asked is “How did I get a virus on my computer?” There are numerous ways to get infected but here are some of the most common.

Computer Virus Tips

Clicking without thinking

Many times you will come across a site that says your computer is infected or that you need to download a piece of software to better view that site. You should always be suspicious and read carefully what a website or pop up is asking you to do. If it doesn’t make sense, DON’T CLICK IT!

Another common trick, is when downloading software you will be asked if it is ok to install additional programs on your computer. Many times the boxes will already be checked and you just click through hitting the “Next” button without reading the prompt. Always read carefully when installing any piece of software.

Email attachments

Another common cause of a virus or malware infection is the opening of email attachments or clicking on a link in emails. Emails will often appear to be from friends or co-workers. These addresses are easily faked. Never open an attachment or link in an email unless it is expected. Some popular exploits include emails from FedEx and the Better Business Bureau.

Downloading pirated software, movies or music

I am not going to judge the morality or legality of downloading software and media illegally. If you choose to participate in such actions you should understand the risks. The peer to peer and torrent sites are full of viruses and malware. It is only a matter of time before your computer becomes infected.

No antivirus is installed

There are still many people and businesses that do not have antivirus software installed. They claim that since they don’t visit dangerous websites there is no reason for it. I give them my business card and think to myself, “See you soon!” With the availability of so much good, free antivirus software, there is no excuse for not being protected.

Ensuring Windows and other programs are fully updated

Viruses exploit the holes in security left by software companies. Microsoft, Adobe, Java and many other major software companies have left glaring holes in their software. These companies are constantly releasing patches to correct these holes. That is why it is important to keep your software up to date with the latest releases.

These are just a few of the most common causes of a computer virus infection. Even if you take all precautions it is possible for a computer to become infected but we try to limit these risks as best we can.

If you have a computer you think might be infected or want to get more information on how to prevent attacks, please email or give us a call.


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Lunch with Roy Williams

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Welcome to the the first Enfuse Technology Giveaway! We are giving away tickets to the "Lunch with Roy Williams" event being held at the Wilmington Convention Center on October 8th.  You can enter between now and September 15th. Go to the Roy Williams tab on our Facebook page and give us a Like to enter the contest.

roy williams


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Play for Emily Memorial Golf Tournament

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Website Design for the Play for Emily Golf Tournament

Enfuse Technology was recently given the opportunity to do a website redesign on the "Play for Emily" Memorial Golf Tournament website.The "Play for Emily" golf tournament was first played to help Emily Wade's family with medical expenses after the 4 year old Emily was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. In July of 2006, Emily lost her battle with the tumor. The Wade's were so touched by the generosity and outpouring of support from the community that they decided to continue the tournament in Emily's memory. The proceeds are given to the Ronald McDonald House because of the love and support the Wade family received while Emily was in Chapel Hill for treatment. In 2010 the tournament raised $70,000 and last year $86,000 was divided by the houses in Chapel Hill, Durham, and Greenville.

This year in, addition to the golf tournament, there will be  an " A Night for Emily" event at the Mayfaire Event field. It will be a lot of fun and help support a great cause.

Please go check out the website and help support the Play for Emily Memorial Golf Tournamentt and the Ronald McDonald Houses.

For more information on the Play for Emily website, getting your own web design, or computer services in Wilmington NC, please contact us here. All sponsors, ticket holders and particpants in the "Play for Emily" and "A Night for Emily" events will receive $50 off any service provided by Enfuse Technology Solutions.

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Welcome to our Blog!

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We are excited to begin our official blog!

At Enfuse Technology we are committed to a few core things :

  1. Superior mind blowing customer service
  2. Utilizing industry-leading technology
  3. Minimalizing our environmental impact

We will be continually posting on these subjects as well as many others.  One day I may be discussing my love/ hate relationship with Apple and the day next tips on browser optimization. Check back often as we try to stay up to date on the latest internet security issues and pass along any information that may make your online life better. Occasionally, there will be giveaways and discounts for our services.

We want to help our clients succeed and take away the needless stress that technology can cause.  Contact us today if we can help you with any of your technology issues.

Don't forget, you can also keep in touch with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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