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Is your email sending SPAM?

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Virtually all of us have experienced receiving random email from friends or contacts or worse, had friends or contacts tell us that we are sending SPAM from our email accounts.  Often times this is a case of some malicious person or piece of malware having guessed the password of your webmail Spamaccount.  Don't freak out!  More often than not, a simple password change resolves the issue. Here are a few steps to ensure the issue gets cleared up quickly.

  1. Change your password.  Do this as soon as the first complaint rolls in. Make your password at least 7 characters using a mixture of numbers letters and characters. Use a favorite phrase , replacing letters with numbers or characters.
  2. Check the alternate email address you gave when you setup this account.  If you don't recognize the email listed, change it.
  3. Run several virus and malware removal scans. Make sure your computer is clean before you access your email again.
  4. Change your password again. In case your computer was infected, make sure you change it again after your scans are run.
  5. Delete any of your contacts you don't recognize.
  6. Check for any "vacation" or "away from desk" messages that might have been added.

If you follow all of these steps and you are still sending SPAM, give us a call to see if we can help you solve the problem.

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What is Our focus?

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Lately, we have been asked, "What is our focus at Enfuse Technology?". Some IT companies focus on medical practices, financial institutions, or schools and churches. We don't really focus on any one niche or industry. We have a broad range of clients and our only true focus is to provide superior customer service to all of our clients whether they are business, residential or web only.  

If you would like more information about Enfuse as a company or some of our services and product offerings, please click on the links below.customerservice

About Enfuse Technology Solutions

Residential Computer Repair

Small Business Computer Services

Online Marketing and Web Design



Jeremy Tomlinson


Enfuse Technology Solutions


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5 Ways to Get Your Computer Ready for the New Year

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The New Year is a great time to start using your computer in a safer and more efficient way. Get 2013 off to a great start with these quick tips.

1) Clean Out the Dust

Dust collects on components inside the computer.  Desktops and laptops need to be cleaned out periodically to keep them from running too hot.  When computers get too hot, they start doing things like shutting down randomly, failing, and not starting.


If you have a desktop computer (or tower) and feel comfortable taking the side off, take the computer outside and blow it out with some canned air.  Also, if you get your desktop 6-10 inches off the floor it will significantly decrease the amount of dust pulled into the computer.

If you have a laptop, the best thing to do is locate the vent slots in the side or rear and blow canned air through those slots.  You should hear the little fan in the laptop spin up really fast if the air is going all the way through.  If you can’t hear or see the fan spin then you probably need to give Enfuse Technology a call so it can be disassembled and cleaned out.

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New Computer Setup

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Many people will be buying new computers and setting them up this holiday season. Here are a few tips to try to make the setup as painless as possible.

1) Unpack and Check the Box

When you unpack the boxes make sure that each item in the manual is included.  Be careful when removing all the packaging materials as system disks can sometimes be taped to them.

2) Remove Unwanted Programs and Bloatware

More than likely when you turn on the computer you will see a whole lot of shortcuts on your desktop screen. These applicationsChristmasComputer are pre-installed on your systems, which are trial versions of software like games, anti-virus applications, Microsoft office trials and many others. They are known commonly as 'Bloatware'. They pose no threat to your system however they can be a nuisance.

To remove them:

• Go to start menu, control panel.
• Now select the Program and features icon.
• Select the application you wish to remove, right click and select uninstall.
• The application will be uninstalled.
• However be careful not to delete any important system software. If you do not recognize an application, leave it as it is.

3) Antivirus and Security Software Installation

For home users there is no need to pay for Antivirus and security software.  For a Windows 7 or 8 PC, Enfuse Technology recommends the free version of AVAST! In combination with Microsoft Security Essentials. These 2 programs seem to work well together to provide a high level of protection without much loss of system performance.

4) New PC Media and Backup

 New PC’s on the market today are not usually shipped with installation disks or recovery media.  It is the responsibility of the user to create these from the hard drive or contact the PC manufacturer who may ship them to you for a fee.  Ensure that you create these immediately in case of system failure.
It is also important to begin an automated system backup to an external hard drive or other storage medium. This will help protect against data loss.

5) Enjoy!

We hope you enjoy your new PC this holiday season and please contact us if we can help you setup your new PC or any other technical issue you may have. Our December special is New PC setup for $99.

Give us a call!


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Facebook for Charity and December Deal

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Enfuse Technology Solutions will be donating $1 for every new Like we receive on our Facebook page until December 31st. The donations will go to Good Shepherd Center, Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry, Inc. (WARM), and Canines for Service.  These are some great local organizations that do a lot to help our community. Please check out their websites and see if you can help in some way this holiday season.  Don't forget to go Like our Facebook page !

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We will also be doing $99 New computer Setups this month!

This includes :

  • removal of "Bloatware"
  • stopping unwanted programs at startup
  • Antivirus software installation
  • connecting to home network
  • connecting to printer

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.  Merry Christmas!


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